half-photographer, half-dog

These are some of my favorites from the photography book Elliott Erwitt’s DOGS. I used this book for research for my city dogs photo essay. I bought it from Barnes and Noble and was going to return it after I had scanned some images and been inspired by Elliott Erwitt’s photos but I like it so much I’m keeping it. I easily could have included every photo in this book and I will bring the book to class on Tuesday in case anyone else is as obsessed with dogs as I am.
In the foreword (By Peter Mayle) Elliott Erwitt is described as half-photographer half-dog because of his ability to capture dogs as the subject of a photo and not just an accessory to a human. Keeping this mentality in mind made it a lot easier for me to make a meaningful edit of the ridiculous number of dog photos I took, for my essay. I love it when I see a dog walking down the street or playing in the park who clearly has his or her own agenda, and the line is blurred between who owns who. Enjoy!

Elliott Erwitt1            Elliott Erwitt3

Elliott Erwitt2

Elliott Erwitt4

Elliott Erwitt5


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