i pretzel philly

When I started researching Milton Glaser I was surprised to find out he was the designer behind I heart NY. It’s a design that has become so common that it has become its own language. It is constantly replicated without losing the meaning regardless of what image is standing in for the heart. It’s crazy to think of one person coming up this iconic design.



i pretzel phillyGlaser was hired to design this logo for a campaign launched in 1975 to encourage New York tourism and raise residents’ morale.  The assignment was to come up with a visual equivalent for the campaign’s “I Love New York” mission statement.  Initially this is what Glaser submitted:


The “I heart NY” as we know it now, didn’t come about till Glaser was doodling a week after the above image had been submitted and approved.  It’s crazy to think of this typographic icon any other way then we know it today.

Here are some of Glaser’s less well-known works (there are few things that aren’t less well-known than “I heart NY”)  that I came across and liked:


versions of a Time cover of Elliot Gould


Follies Girls for: Graphic


dust jacket for: Welcome to the Club

Images from: Milton Glaser; Art is Work


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