TrustoCorp Presents “The Future is Blight”

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LeBasse Projects in Culver City plays host to a new solo show called “The Future Is Blight” by satirical art collective, TrustoCorp. Known for producing urban installations such as billboards and street signs, the art group presents an exhibition commenting on social issues such as greed and the rich verses poor struggle in Los Angeles. Featuring works that include manipulated corporate logo prints and multi-branded cereal boxes, the artists hope to shed light on these issues using their trademark humorous style. True to their guerrilla art roots, the group also took art to the streets by producing installations of “poverty kits” spread throughout the city, which include items like a toothbrush, condoms, candy bars, cigarettes, and a lighter, to bring attention to the problem of LA’s urban homeless. At LeBasse Projects through May 11, 2013.


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