TDC visit

Our field trip to The Type Directors Club was super informative for many reasons, we went over some of the history of type, the history of printing and then of course having our books critiqued was invaluable.  But one thing I walked away with was a new appreciation for the way we work with type now compared to how it’s been in the past.  I think it’s easy to forgot what an art form it is when you’re working with kerning and leading on your computer but when you can hold actual leading the way it used to be; it takes on a completely different meaning.


This is the only picture I took while I was there and it was before we had even really started class, Carol was showing me the drawers full of linotype and what it used to be like to set type.  It’s so cool to see how typography has evolved yet stayed the same, like holding a piece of history in your hand.


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