gummy bear population

Here are a set of labels that I created for my bottles.  I would print them on matte semi-transparent stickers so they could go directly on the bottles but not take away too much from the message of the bottle itself.  I outlined the letters in black to make them more readable but I think being able to see the overlap of the letters in “overpopulation” is a nice touch given the subject matter.  I would love some feedback from the class though.


Additionally when I was searching for photos of gummy bears to paste into my type outlines I came across this little gummy bear massacre.  I thought this was relevant because it looks like the gummy bears in the center may have suffered the same fate as a certain green gummy bear who is currently welded to the side of my Fiji bottle.


Let me know what you all think about my labels in the comments!


One thought on “gummy bear population”

  1. I think that adding Gummy Bears into the transparent label is very cleaver because as you said it wouldn’t distract from the bottle itself. Is it easy to read though?

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