Japanese Poster Exhibition at the TDC

Chubu Creators Club 40th Aniversary
Chubu Creators Club 40th Aniversary

The exhibition will be on view from August 29 to September 26, 2013 and will not travel to any other venues in the US.


Two groups of posters designed in Japan will soon be on display at the TDC Gallery on West 36th Street in New York: “Move On,” posters designed for the 40th anniversary of the Chubu Creators Club (CCC), and “Hiragana,” posters by eight graphic designers from Nagoya, Japan. The CCC is an association of designers based in Nagoya, a UNESCO City of Design.
Chubu Creators Club
40th Anniversary Poster Exhibition
Poster Works By
8 Graphic Designers from Nagoya, Japan
Thursday, August 29
6:00 – 8:30 PM
TDC Conference Center
347 West 36th Street, Suite 603
New York, NY, 10018

All of graphic design students should seriously consider joining dtc! It is definitely the best organization for those who want to excel.

Student Membership
For students that are currently enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate studies leading to a career in design or the graphic arts. This level of student membership also receives the Typography annual. Proof of your current student status, including your student ID number, is required and must accompany this application.
• Annual student dues are $75

The TDC membership year is from 1 January through 31 December, or 1 July through 30 June. The annual is distributed at the end of each calendar year.


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