Mabou at the MoMA. Images by Robert Frank.

This image by Robert Frank really stood out to me at the XL:19 exhibition currently being held at the MoMA. My undergraduate degree in Photography has made me aware of Robert Frank’s work, and I have always had a special admiration of his work entitled The Americans. However, I had never seen this series of his work before.

Not unlike Frank’s series The Americans, these images are all a part of the documentary genre. The image I admired, entitled Mabou (Mabou is a town in Nova Scotia, Canada where the photographer has lived since the 1970s), has an interesting layout and use of text. After researching Frank’s work from this series, many include duplicates of the image in different seasons. I do believe this to be the case in this one as well. The right side of the image, or the second image, is taken in the winter (the snow), and it would be fair to assume that this left side image, was taken in spring. However, as there are no weather notifiers here, it would also be fair to assume that it was just taken at an earlier time of day. The use of text is what really stands out in this image – it literally says “words”, which to me can mean so many things coming from the author. As he is a documentary photographer, there are so many things that he could be trying to say in this image, just with one word. Every time I go back to it, I think of something else and I think that was a really strong concept on behalf of Mr. Frank. To check out the image a little clearer, here is a link to is on MoMA’s website.

Here are three other pieces of Frank’s from the exhibit. Same series…

IMG_5564 IMG_5566

Baylee Shurman


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