Stephen Shore in MOMA


MOMA is always the place we can drop by with an exciting expectation, but it is the place which always shows something beyond expectation. There are already a lot of posts about this exhibition. So, I just want to add a little bit. Shame on me, I didn’t know Stephen Shore before. The first reason his works caught my eyes was a curiosity. I just stopped because i thought it was a drawing in the photography exhibit. It looks like a real scene and because of that, it doesn’t look like the real. And i like that. I got disappointed every time when i took a picture of something beautiful. Because it never came out as the way i saw it in real. So, even though i don’t know anything about the photography skill, i know how great work it is. Furthermore, i love the mood of this picture. The other photo “part variation” is also amazing. After a few minutes, i realized that third pictures are all the same size. I’ve never expected the car can be this cute and can be this amazingly great shape. As all we know, It’s always worth going to MOMA.


Published by

Hyunju Seo

Student at Parsons

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