Finding Inspiration

  INSPIRATIONPAGEBeing stuck is not an easy situation. But, this can change because state of emotions are temporary. Think about things you like. Maybe, start finding information on those subjects. Also, try changing up your daily routine. Step away from the cell phone screen and start looking at the signs, buildings and sights around you. This might help alleviate the lack of creativity.

Also, try putting yourself in another environment. If your apartment is dark and makes you tired. Go somewhere with light and work at a place you’ve never worked before. Don’t have a sketchbook? Use your phone or ask a friend to take a picture of the object you find pleasing.

I feel one must seek inspiration to be inspired. Technology is great and can be a helpful tool. But, looking at the everyday and unnoticed objects can be the answer as well.


Published by

Jenny Barroll

I am a Parsons Graphic Design student.

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