Barry McGee


An exhibition of new work by Barry McGee is held on Cheim & Read Gallery. I am not a big fan of those vivid colors and outstanding -even makes me feel dizzy- patterns. Nevertheless, i cannot but be moved all his works. McGee’s boldly graphic, colorful work including graffiti, American folk Art, and Op Art is literally eye-catching. I was kinda ignorant about all the art material, so i asked about it and got to know he used chisel tip marker to draw details of his some drawings, paint drips for his urban-influenced graphic design, and acrylics for patterns. The gallery display technique of clustering all his paintings was also great. The gallery said McGee himself organized his multi-layered compositions and he treated drawings, paintings and sculptures equally, refusing any hierarchies of material or subject matter. Interspersed among the abstract panels, the images and words provide more impact in vivid and tile-like field of patterns. As a personal view, in a distance, those patterns look clear, but you look closely, you can see all the efforts. Once i drew with acrylic and it was so hard for me to make the sharp angle corner clear. For that reason, i was more touched with the way he made those little patterns with acrylic. After visiting this exhibition, i searched for his other works and got to know the sense of using color, patterns, and positioning figures. I think i would continue to search for his work because it gives me a chance to think and learn. I hope you enjoy as much as i did.

Cheim & Read  547 West 25 Street, New York. (212) 242-7727

hours : Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 6pm


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Hyunju Seo

Student at Parsons

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