Fun with Branding


As an aspiring and beginning Graphic Designer, I am starting to pay more attention to branding. I have always loved packaging and the little details that make up a design. It’s really important for companies, designers and businesses to understand what consumers like. But, how should they go about this?

I think paying attention to what’s on trend, look at fashion, book covers, websites and brochures. Notice, what is popular right now. In addition, jot down the companies whose sites and packaging are interesting and out of the normal realm. On my lovely walk, I happened to spot Baked by Melissa.

Baked by Melissa is a small cupcake boutique in Manhattan. I believe they do a really good job advertising and being unique. For example, I got a couple free temporary-tattoos, they also suggest fun ideas on their napkins and the designs on their packaging are cute. The type they use is their own. Last but not least, they have an app and a free sticker. All that for buying 3 small cupcakes. That’s a deal. I enjoyed and savored those cupcakes. But, I left with something more. I got free and cool stuff. Also, I am attracted to the style and social aspect of the company.


Published by

Jenny Barroll

I am a Parsons Graphic Design student.

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