Book Binding Resources

Books are probably my favorite things. Even though, I read my Kindle most of the time. But, there’s something about them. Is it the cover? The sound of the pages? Who knows. All I know is I really like looking at all of the beautiful pictures. If there aren’t any pictures I find type with sound and that is legible to be most enjoyable. My love for books also peeked my interest in book binding. But, I never got around to doing it. Luckily, this semester we got to learn how! So, on with the resources.

For research, I suggest heading to Barnes & Nobles. They have tons of books on book binding. In addition, Paper Source (my favorite card store) has a section dedicated just to book binding. They will also give you tips and techniques. The staff there is quite knowledgable. I have not been to Talas yet. But, I have ordered a variety of different threads from their website. The great thing about Talas is that the shipping is very fast. Blick on 18th and 6th Avenue also has some supplies and a variety of papers. I was so excited about the book binding project I ended up buying a couple books on the process. I recommend How to Make Books (by Esther K. Smith)! This book has a ton of tutorials and nice pictures. The school library also has a book binding section on the first floor. Well, happy Book Binding!


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Jenny Barroll

I am a Parsons Graphic Design student.

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