Magritte: The Mistery of the Ordinary, 1926-1938


Finally I’ve been there. As soon as i got Moma, i could hear “Who wants to see Magritte? take the elevator and go to 6th floor!” I could guess there would be lots of people. I was right;-) anyway. It was strictly not allowed to take any photo inside of this exhibition. (those photos above are outside of the exhibition) Thanks to that, i could appreciate the exhibition more than ever. I already knew some of his well-known works, but there were literally lots of works that i’ve never seen before. If it were one years ago, i might enjoy those works just in aesthetic aspects and focus what feeling those works arouse from me. But now, i got to learn everything i put on design and art has a reason for existence. I noticed myself thinking a lot about the relation in front of each painting. In that matter, this exhibition taught me a lot. I mean, those paintings which he said he aimed to challenge the real world surprised me and made me wonder about each reason he did on his painting. How come he could do think the sky can have a muscle? why did he put the grey color on the skin of human being? What does this proportion of each face mean here? something like that qustions on each painting.

I definitely want to go again before this exhibition ends. I am also glad i saw this exhibition at this point.


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Hyunju Seo

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