Final work for the class


Here is my body of work from this semester of Process & Skills: self-portrait project, photo essay, hockney-inspired collage, conceptual book project (Dance Makes Me Feel), conceptual bottles (Floaters & Parasthesia), and my research book. The self-portrait project was completed using photos taken in a photo booth and found type, both of which were combined and manipulated using a xerox machine. The photo essay explored autumn in Upstate NY, focusing on colors and textures with pictures printed at 4×6. The hockney-inspired project was especially fun, and a very interesting exercise in layering and creating texture and movement in a still photograph. For the book project, I used photos of small details and textures that make up the dance world, and nestled them into a book in between generous sections of tulle to achieve a whimsical feel to a sculptural piece. Finally, the bottles took a conceptual approach to illustrating the symptoms of common medical ailments: floaters and parasthesia. Floaters (as in eye floaters) are experienced as bright, floating spots of color in your field of vision, that blur and obstruct your ability to see clearly. Parasthesia (commonly known as “pins and needles”) crestings a strong pricking/stinging/painful sensation in your previously numb limbs as they regain feeling. Overall, these projects were all challenging in different ways, and I thoroughly enjoyed engaging in the conceptualization and execution in all of them. It’s been a really fun semester!


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