Final class of the semester!

Today was our final class meeting, where we each presented our work from throughout this semester.


This is what I presented to the class. At the top are my self portrait posters, which I created using pictures of myself taken from a photo booth at The Smith restaurant, and then further obscured using various xerox machines at school. The background texture as well as my initials were taken from closeup xeroxes of my backpack that I carry with me to school almost everyday.

Underneath my self portraits are my photo essay (left) and my David Hockney-inspired collage (right). The subject of my photo essay is the famous Sperm Whale and Giant Squid diorama at the American Museum of Natural History. The subject of my collage is my cat.

Sitting in front of my photo essay and collage are my conceptual bottles. They depict juxtaposing concepts of Fury (left) and Tranquility (right).

Sitting in front of my bottles are my research book and my final book project. My favorite assignment of the semester, the name of my book project is “Macaroning in Sin — The Seven Deadly Sins in the Form of Macarons.” I made the book for my sister, who is, in all honesty, a much better photographer than me, and I hope to one day be just as good a photographer as she is.


Lastly, these are the books I made from our intro to bookbinding class early on in the semester.

All in all it was a challenging and rewarding semester! It was a great introduction to the design and research process, and the lessons I learned from this class are tremendously memorable. They will no doubt be very helpful when I move forward with future projects.


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