Final work for Process & Skills


Here is a collage of my work for the final. I definitely did struggle initially but the assignments started getting interesting and challenging at the same time. I had a lot of fun with the self portrait, photocopied posters. The photo essay was my favorite though, I loved exploring the city and capturing things. My bottle concept was ‘Time is Money’. For the bottle describing time, I did a sand timer and for money, I filled the bottle up with 100$ bills and had an American Express card as the label. For the Hockney project, I photographed my friend and made a collage. Though the contrast of the pictures changed while photographing due to the daylight, I enjoyed putting together the pictures for it. My process book includes all research assigned for the class and photographs of visits to AIGA, William Kentridge exhibit and other inspiration photographs. My photo book was based on food and content was quotations of food. I might be having a gazillion pictures of food and hence loved taking even more pictures of food and getting the best ones together for the book.


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