In Summation: Body of Work for Process & Skills

Today was a great day to experience all the hard work we put into our projects throughout our Process & Skills class. It was really awesome to see the journey everyone took in arriving at their final outcomes.

The semesters research catalogue
The semesters research catalogue

Here, I present my work from the semester. My first project, self-portrait poster, was inspired by a mix of jazz/blues covers from the 40’s, particularly Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk, using a collage technique. It was fun going to the old-school photo booths and discovering photography in a different way.

Self Portrait Poster

Next, I found inspiration for my photo essay from my community. For me it is important to involve others in my work. I decided to take on a very difficult task and coordinate/take my first photo shoot. I was able to set it up in less than 24 hours and was extremely grateful for the nine souls that shared a piece of themselves with me. With this, I wanted to celebrate queerness in the nude. It is only in the nude that we can be our raw and authentic selves. This project spawned further work including a book entitled “Liberated: A Photographic Essay Celebrating Queer Bodies.”

Photo EssayPhoto Essay [Liberated Book]Photo Essay [Liberated Book] Photo Essay [Liberated Book]

The bookbinding workshop opened my eyes to how hands on design can be. It never occurred to me how many ways you stitch a book and I found pleasure in discovering what types of books are out there.

Book Binding

My photo-collage project is inspired by a sculpture I see every week in Brooklyn. Every time I pass by, I take a minute to digest its importance. It empowers me as a woman to stand tall and free.

Photo Collage

More, my conceptual bottle project was inspired by music. My two themes were Classical and Hip-Hop. The classical bottle featured piano keys and the hip-hop bottle featured a boombox.

Classical and Hip-Hop
Classical and Hip-Hop

Lastly, I presented “The Pleasure Principle,” a conceptual epicurean food experience. It is a recipe book in the shape of a cake. Each slices features photographs of different aphrodisiac foods with accompanying recipes. It was a long journey of trial and error but in the end I was proud of the final outcome.

Final Book [The Pleasure Principle]


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