Jordan’s Final Project

Jordan's Final Project

Here is a collage of my final projects. The book project was my favorite because of my love for layout design. “Skate” is in the center and talks about my experience learning to skate board. The top right is my photo essay “Chinatown”. I photographed Canal Street and surrounding areas in film, which gave a sort of gritty feeling, like the area. My bottles right below are titled “Sparkle” and “Splatter”. For “Sparkle” I filled the bottle with all sorts of glitter and confetti, and made a snow globe with water and glycerin. The label is in the shape of a diamond and the back label is holographic sparkle paper. For “Splatter” I splattered nail polish and pain all over the bottle and filled it with miniature paint tubes. I sealed the bottle with a collection of paintbrushes. I just came up with the bottom Hockney-esque collage to replace my other graffiti images. This is a deconstructed photograph I took of a Banksy piece by my apartment. My process book is on the left which includes all research for the class and all my inspiration photographs. Bottom left is from M/M Paris, an agency that inspires me the most.


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