Not Your Ordinary Barbies

For my bottle concept I decided to do Hoarder versus Minimalist. This project took a lot of time and revision. I at first was going to make a bunch of clothing out of felt and Barbie sized heels out of clay for the hoarding bottle. I realized this would take a tremendous amount of time and the semester was coming to an end. So, in the end I decided to make a closet full of shopping bags based on my favorite store Madewell. For the Hoarder bottle I created a template for a fake store called Hoarder and I used some twine to make a bag handle. I believe I made over 30 bags for this project. For the Minimalist bottle I used house paint and wire to create a blank and somewhat empty closet. To make the bottle cohesive I used Barbie heads. They are supposed to represent one person. But, two different personalities. This project was inspired by the fact that I am interested in fashion and organizationImageImageImageImage


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Jenny Barroll

I am a Parsons Graphic Design student.

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