Three and a half months!

It is quite amazing to see the wide range of work created during the short period of the Fall semester. Every project was very challenging to say the least and came out with very different aspects of learning.

Project 1 Photocopy Poster


 This was a self portrait poster project using photographs taken at photo booths and found typography. I was mostly inspired by psychedelic posters from Japan.

Project 2 Photo Essay



I documented the zebra crossing and the spray paint markings in the street. As I often look down while I walk, I have always considered them as paintings on the ground. Originally the 2 essays were put onto 1 board, however,they were edited down to create 2 separate compositions that are related by arrangement. In this project I realized how difficult it is sometimes to balance out your intention and clarity. Editing skills became one of the themes for this class.

Project 3 Photo Collage


Inspired by the works of David Hockney, in this project I tried to recreate the bunch of roses using a collection of close up photos. I also tried to incorporate some rhythm and movement in the viewing by the arrangement of the photos.

Project 4 Photo Book – “To Brooklyn Bridge” by Hart Crane

IMG_8626 IMG_8628 IMG_8631

In this project I made a photographic poetry booklet inspired by the beautiful poem “To Brooklyn Bridge” written by Hart Crane. I chose this poem because it was an important piece for me in creating my initial experience in New York. Viewing my tendency to make things complicated, I tried to keep this design as simple as possible while letting it be aesthetically beautiful. The binding was done by metal wires.

Project 5 Conceptual Bottles – Rhythm and Groove

IMG_8610 IMG_8602 IMG_8614 IMG_8622 IMG_8623 IMG_8624

I had a lot of fun in doing this project. They are rain sticks and a pair of maracas, the former representing rhythm (of nature: gravity) and the latter representing groove (the human energy). The 2 bottles are identical in structure visualizing the fact that rhythm and groove essentially the same. There was some discussion on what is rhythm and what is groove and which is which, however, we did not come to a final conclusion. It was interesting for me to see that everyone had a similar but different take towards these concepts.


写真 19-12-2013 01 32 34 写真 19-12-2013 01 31 02 写真 19-12-2013 01 30 20 写真 19-12-2013 01 30 01 写真 19-12-2013 01 29 42

Learning how to format research was very important for me. Now that it is bound, I am feeling a sense of completion! and it is nice to have something to look back at.

Overall, this was a very challenging class but I am very pleased with the work that I was able to produce. My attitude towards all of these projects changed when I realized the importance of making these projects as self generated as possible and creating things that are strongly related my own interests. Photography, poetry and music became the driving forces for this fall.

Thank you everyone for an inspiring semester!


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