Iconic Album Covers

All of the following album covers are iconic in their own way, and here’s my reasons why.

The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (1963) Bob Dylan

I really enjoy the natural feel of this photo – it looks unedited and untouched and feels like this could be any couple walking down the street. The pictures were actually taken somewhere nearby, in Greenwich Village.

Process & Skills Bob Dylan

Rubber Soul (1965) The Beatles

I really enjoy the psychedelic look to the font (characteristic of the era but a first for the band), and the fact that the process of making the album cover was stumbled upon by pure accident!

Process & Skills Rubber Soul

The Velvet Underground (1967) The Velvet Underground

Controversial at the time, what I really enjoy about this cover is the use of black & white techniques enhanced with a splash of colour.

Process & Skills Velvet Underground

She’s So Unusual (1983) Cyndi Lauper

I believe that this cover truly encapsulates Cyndi Lauper’s carefree persona, captured in motion (specifically, dance).

Process & Skills Cyndi Lauper

Nevermind (1991) Nirvana

This cover was mainly chosen for its controversy, however lead vocalist Kurt Cobain claimed that the cover is largely symbolic – the baby is innocence, the water represents a foreign environment, and the dollar bill and hook merges the creative and corporate worlds.

Process & Skills Nirvana

Settle (2013) Disclosure

This contemporary album cover was selected because of its power as a logo and brand for the British house duo Disclosure – single covers have some sort of variation of the outlined face (there’s even a Disclosure app!). The simple outlines are strategically placed to look jarring.

Process & Skills Disclosure


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