Henri Cartier-Bresson Online Exhibit

Time.com posted an online exhibit from the works of Henri Cartier-Bresson which is worth taking a look at here. While the main emphasis is on the images, there is an interesting blurb that says that “Cartier-Bresson’s greatest gift was probably for pictures that didn’t “report” anything [more] newsworthy…”, (in reference to the picture below):


despite the fact that he took on photo assignments from magazines like Life and Paris-Match. Having not been previously introduced to his works, I cannot make a statement on which of his works are more well-known. However, upon studying Cartier-Bresson’s photos in this exhibit, I personally cannot agree with that statement. There is a clear quality and intent behind Cartier-Bresson’s journalistic photographs, even the ones that appear to be taken more spontaneously; there is a definitive element of skill beyond just “being in the right place at the right time”. In conclusion, what makes an effective journalistic photograph is the fine balance between circumstance, skill, and technique. Case and point: the following images which were photographed with a more journalistic or “newsworthy” approach to them:




Clearly some powerful images!


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