I ♥ Typography

After spending this week primarily focused on type research, I find myself a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of typefaces that exist, not to mention all the variations of those typefaces…

However, along the way I discovered a blog that brought some new energy to the quest for the perfect typeface. The blog is called I Love Typography and it was created by the publisher of Codex Mag, whose Editor in Chief is Paul Shaw, a professor that some of you might have for History of Graphic Design. The site is very well organized and I find the presentation of typefaces appealing. They also have a huge list of articles ranging from type history to terminology to instructional articles on hand-comping.

Of course, if you already have a particular typeface in mind, this might not prove so helpful, but it’s definitely worth a glance for some refreshing inspiration and keeping up to date on some new developments in the world of typography.



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