Tibor Kalman

While working on my poster I created a couple of cool images on the photocopier, one which looked like the letter V if turned upside down. On our last class professor Gruda suggested to look into Tibor Kalman and his work with an inverted technique. Here I’ve attached two of Kalman’s pieces, Talking heads. Album cover, 1980. Here you could see how Kalman has taken the title “talking heads” and turned the letter A upside down instead of right side up. Although the letter A is not seen right side up you could tell what the title on the album cover is spelling out.

talkingheads-remaininlight tumblr_lhteg1PMIk1qh3635o1_500Tibor-Kalman

Also here is a link to a post about Kalman’s accomplishments with his company M&Co. and other pieces he’s known for http://www.creativebloq.com/graphic-design/great-names-graphic-design-tibor-kalman-7133661 As an extra read I’ve also found a post of Stefan Sagmeister thoughts on Tibor Kalman. Since we’ve looked into Stefan Sagmeister last class I thought this link would be a fun read in relation to this post. Hope you guys enjoy and find some inspiration ! http://www.aiga.org/stefan-sagmeister-on-tibor-kalman/


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