Fan Ho’s Photos Of Hong Kong In The Fifties Will Make You Nostalgic For An Era Long Gone

My former student, Jim Wagner, sent me this article about Fan Ho’s photography:

Photographer, actor and director Fan Ho began photographing Hong Kong as a student in the early 1950s. The dramatic black-and-white images he captured of life in the bustling metropole in the two decades that followed are a striking testament to the changes of the era. His nostalgic shots of mysterious waterways and light-filled covered markets present viewers with a glimpse into a transforming city.

Fan Ho’s Hong Kong work has previously been published in the books “Hong Kong Yesterday” and The Living Theatre.” Now, he concludes the trilogy with “Fan Ho: A Hong Kong Memoir.” His latest collection features previous unpublished photos as well as new-montaged photographs.

Fan Ho_1Fan Ho_2

Fan Ho_3 Fan Ho_4 Fan Ho_5 Fang Ho_6


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