Photography exhibitions

This past week I’ve visited a couple of photography exhibitions taking place at the MoMA, ICP (International Center of Photography), and Aperture Gallery. At the MoMA i’ve really enjoyed most of the black and white pieces. Pictured below was my favorite piece by Peter Hujar made in gelatin silver prints. Most of the photos displayed captured the beauty of the subject wether is was an object, a person, or nature you could sense what emotion the photographer was trying to convey in the piece. As I checked out other exhibitions at the MoMA I came across this display of New York City subway maps and signs. There was lots of information as to the designers that created the signs we see today. As I talked about in my last post I will be focusing on my life as a commuter for my photo essay so coming across this display was very interesting.  P1040719 P1040705 P1040722 P1040728 P1040729 P1040746 P1040754Sadly the only picture I was allowed to capture at the ICP was the one located at the front desk. Although I didn’t get to take pictures inside I would have to say that the photography capture by Sebastião Salgado were photos I would remember for a long time. He captured very beautiful images of village women, large sand dunes, performers in the festival of Paya and much more. The theme here was very travel based which made me feel as if I have traveled outside of NY for a bit. It was a great experience to see photos from other sides of the country.
P1040755Last but not least my trip to the Aperture gallery was just as enjoyable. There were a number of great photographs featured in New York Times Magazine. Each part of the exhibit had a different story to them from photos taken around the time of events from 9/11, photos of that years best actors, to photos taken in the events of Kuwait. In this exhibit you could really experience the raw moments captured which gave it a much more documentary feel to it. This inspired me to try my best to incorporate that theme with my photo essay as well. I actually had time to sit down and enjoy more photography featured in the book title “Photographs” at their bookstore located right beside the exhibt. photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 1 photo 3 photo 2 photo 4 photo 5 photo


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