Photography Research – Visiting Museums

Lighting and story-telling are the most thing that I was passionated to see the exhibitions through this museums visiting. Followings are what I observed and found through visiting museums.

Repeating same element in the photography, unusual perspective, photographing several aspects of the subject, and having background that relates well to the subject can contribute to express story-telling. Photographing one same object from three or four angles also can be narrative photography. It arouses viewer’s imagination how she/he sees the object personally.

At International Center of Photography, as for dramatic photography, I was very impressed with photographs by Sebastião Salgado. He uses combination of various kinds of lines; direction, orientation, texture, weight. And they are very clean and crisp. Clear lines make clear shapes. In his photographs, there is big contrast between high light and shadow, and they create clear shapes. Sometimes these shapes show freezed motion. He uses shadow (black shape) as figure or implication of the subject. When the subject is placed in the middle of picture plane, his photography has a focal point on the Rule of third or optical center line. Also he include similarity between foreground and background in shape or texture.

At Aperture Gallery

_MG_2177 copy _MG_2191 copy _MG_2190 copy _MG_2189 copy _MG_2188 copy  _MG_2186 copy _MG_2185 copy _MG_2184 copy _MG_2183 copy _MG_2182 copy _MG_2181 copy _MG_2180 copy _MG_2179 copy _MG_2178 copy
_MG_2198 copy _MG_2212 copy   _MG_2206 copy _MG_2205 copy

At MoMA,
it was interesting to see sequence of photography of one subject. Different angle, different perspective, or different aspect of the object.

IMG_4080 copy IMG_4133 copyIMG_4086 copyIMG_4093 copyIMG_4076 copyIMG_4191 copy

At Whitney, their photographs show different atmosphere with light. The hight of light source seems low so that the images show the time such as morning or evening.

IMG_4209 copy IMG_4216IMG_4214 copy IMG_4211 copy


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