Aperture- The New York Times Photographs

I very much enjoyed this exhibit. I found the photographs to be very real. I felt many emotions in viewing these. I found the photo of Lynsey Addario to be very grabbing. I could really feel everything he was feeling in the photo. The photo of Ashley Gilbertson’s room taught me a lot about people. A lot can be said about a person, just by looking at their room. I was attracted telescope in his room, it made me think Ashley would be a cool/smart person to hang out with.

I also found the last photo very interesting. They are rough copies of people’s ideas for certain magazines. Seeing the work done to produce media is very inspiring.

The descriptions of each photo are posted below.

.aperture1 aperture2 aperture3 aperture4 aperture6

aperture8 aperture8description aperture9 aperture9description aperture10

aperture11 aperture11description aperture12 aperture13 aperture14 aperture15  aperture17 cropped


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