I found numerous books on bookbinding in the Fogelman library. I found three especially helpful.

  1. Basic Bookbinding A.W Lewis
  2. Adventures in Bookbinding Jeannine Stein
  3. The Practical Guide To Craft Bookbinding Arthur W. Johnson

Below is chapter 3- Basic Operations of bookbinding. It covers folding paper, sharpening knives,  cutting boards, prepping glue and paste, pasting and rubbing down the paper. basic_operations1 basic_operations2 basic_operations3 basic_operations4 basic_operations5 basic_operations6 basic_operations7 basic_operations8 Below are from Bookbinding Adventures. It covers basic tools that you may encounter while binding books. Some of the tools include : a crafting knife, scissors, a cutting matt, a bone folder, needles and thread, awls and drills, brushes, and adhesives. cutting and folding tools cutting and folding tools 2I also found it helpful to know the correct terms for the parts of a book. (page 23)make-up_of_a_book


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