Sebastião Salgado, known to be one of the most important photographers of the 21st century, has just presented us with his latest body of work entitled Genesis. In this series of photos, he allows us to visit the incredible and untouched locations he traveled to. He explored vast rugged landscapes, still completely unspoiled, where people continue to live according to their ancient cultures and traditions. He is known for his long-term photographic projects, and dramatic contrasts between black and white.

Having been to the Galapagos Islands, I found these photos particularly drew me in. The islands are extremely colorful and vibrant; therefore one would not think that the images could be portrayed as well in black and white. However, he absolutely managed to capture the beauty of the landscapes and the wildlife.

Sea Lions



Another series that really astonished me were the photos taken in the South Sandwich Islands. The chinstrap penguins were a perfect choice of animal because of the black and white factor, and the snow and rocky mountains remain their true color as well.




I’ve learned about Salagado before, and have always been a fan of his work, but Genesis is definitely the most striking to me. It resonates as not only something appealing to the eye, but something deeper; how incredible our world is, and how we must work to preserve it. The exhibit is a must-see. You feel his passion in this video, where he talks about photography and his journey with Benedikt Taschen.

This is one of my favorites from Genesis of elephant seal calves in South Georgia. This photo reflects Henri Cartier-Bresson’s concept of The Decisive Moment.

Elephant seal calves


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