ICP and Whitney

The ICP exhibit of photographer Sebastiao Selgado was unfortunately not permitted to be photographed. However, they allowed me to photograph just the first wall that had a synopsis of the concept of the exhibit ‘Genesis’:


Genesis is an exhibit that aims to take us back to nature, life and our world as God meant for it to be. Selgado has extensive and unbelievable pictures that are from all over: Russia, Alaska, Indonesia, Brazil, Madagascar, Ecuador etc.

This images are truly astounding, they depict the most untouched parts such as mountain ranges, wildlife and even secluded tribes. As interesting as it was to me, I was left wondering about the idea of editing and ‘fixing’ these pictures. Not that I know much about photography but the images definitely looked edited. Wouldn’t this be contradictory to his whole idea of original and untouched?

Edward Hopper

The first time I was introduced to Edward Hopper was last Fall when one of his works named ‘East wind over Weehawken’ was being auctioned at Christie’s. I was an intern there at the time and the excitement in the office was unreal. The buzz was so much that it got plenty media coverage. Edward Hopper’s works aim to capture the essence of America and this photography exhibit at the Whitney was a very new take on his works. Instead of being just displayed as paintings, they were now placed alongside photographs by several other artists to be viewed in a common context. Broadly, the photographs as well as the paintings are meant to display the vernacular of America. Although the exhibit was relatively smaller, the concept of comparison made it more appealing.

Hopper-1-1024x768-450x325 Hopper-4-1024x768


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