Museum Trips

The four exhibitions that were required for this course really opened my eyes to a lot of different styles of a photo essay. I have never been one to stop and take the time to go to museums, but I really enjoyed each in a different way.

My favorite exhibit was the Sebastiao Salgado: Genesis at ICP. I was disappointed that we weren’t able to take photographs in this exhibit, especially since every single piece was extremely moving. However, I did take notes on the photographs and I will provide images found online. I really loved how Salgado found patterns in nature and went through extremes just to capture the perfect photo. Each photograph has a sense of direction, horizon and an incredible use of contrast. The photograph that I found most interesting of his nature photographs was the Kaskawulsh Glacier (below). This photo was so aesthetically pleasing, especially because of the similarity in the movement of the earth and of the clouds.

My favorite photograph displayed that really told a story for me was the image of the Yali women wearing a bag woven from orchid fibers. Their faces are not shown and just their way of life is shown through photography, causing the viewer to make up their own story.


All of the exhibitions brought something new to the table, but ICP was the most intriguing. Below are my photos from the different museums/exhibits:

unnamed-1 unnamed-10 unnamed-11 unnamed-12 unnamed-13 unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-4 unnamed-5 unnamed-6 unnamed-7 unnamed-8 unnamed-9 unnamedunnamed-14 unnamed-15


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