Trip to MoMa- New Photography

The images from this exhibit were especially fun to look at. The first photo by Charles Ray is my favorite. It has a very playful/dark feel to it. It looks almost as if he is enjoying the position he is in.

I found Josephine Meckseper’s photo charming. I enjoyed looking at this photo because it got me thinking about what is going on outside of the photo. What does the girl look like? What else is she wearing? Are her nails painted? It got me questioning a lot.

Kiki Smith’s My Secret Business  was very attractive to me. It is suggestive and says so much in such a small photo.

Edward Steichen’s photo is mysterious. I am a bit confused as to what message he is trying to convey. Nonetheless, it is pleasing to look at.

I am very happy I was able to see Massimo Vignelli’s work. I never in my life thought of subway maps and signs as art. I am now able to observe what is around me with a different perspective.

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