ICP- Sebastiao Salgado

This a good brief biography of Salgado’s career:


Sebastiao Salgado travels the world documenting the poor and powerless, as well as the grandeur of nature, in analog black-and-white photographs that are both highly formal and unflinchingly documentary. Influenced by his training as an economist, and aligned with masters of documentary photography like Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson, Salgado focuses on the adverse results of globalization. As he explains: “Each of my stories is about globalization and economic liberalization: a sample of the human condition on the planet today.” That condition is one of peril for those at the bottom of the global economy, as photographs like Legs, Serra Pelada, Brasil (1986) attest. In this photograph, Salgado hones in on the taut, muscular legs of Brazilian miners. Barely covered by sweat-drenched shorts, the men’s legs seem strong yet fragile, as Salgado captures them straining against an incline of bare earth. https://artsy.net/artwork/sebastiao-salgado-bighorn-creek-in-the-western-part-of-the-kluane-national-park-canada Genesis

The piece below seemed very raw and real to me. The sketch-like feel is attractive.  Salgado is pretty straightforward in his photography, not holding anything back.

Bighorn Creek in the western part of the Kluane National Park, Canada

The piece below was an exhilarating piece to look at. The factors that stuck out the most to me were: the lighting, the sharp edges on the mountain, and the perfect clouds. The hues work so harmoniously together. It could easily be mistaken as a painting.

The Eastern Part of the Brooks Range Arctic- Sebastião Salgado

I couldn’t find a picture online, but I especially loved Galapagos Island Giant Turtle. The closeup and lighting is what I focused on the most.

From learning about Salgado and his art, I conclude that he doesn’t take photos of what people want to see. Instead, he takes photos of things he believes people need to see.     I was not allowed to take pictures at ICP. I did, however, make this fun and creepy gif out of screenshots taken with my laptop. output_c37DfV


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