New York Street Photography by Matt Weber

Matt Weber has spent 25 years, and counting, photographing NYC in mostly black & white. His photos are never staged so what you see on the website actually happened. His subjects are varied – portraits of people, street scenes, crowds, objects, signs – but he always manages to capture interest and direct attention to the subject by way of composition. What I find interesting about the composition of his photos is that you almost never see a dead horizontal or vertical line; there is never perfect symmetry, but the compositions always work. His photos are also perfect demonstration that contrast in black and white photos are crucial for creating depth and adding life. Check out his collection – be sure to browse though all the different categories on the right hand side.

“CBGB” The Bowery 1986
“Kilroy was here!” 1985
“Lower East Side” 1959 by Robert Anzell
Fear and Loathing in NY
“Fear and Loathing in New York”
Free Sex Free AIDS 1986
“Free Sex, Free AIDS” 1986
NYC 1988
NYC 1988
Times SQ 1986
Times SQ 1986

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