Advertising Photography

During my researches about Advertising Photography I found two great books at The New School  University Center Main Collection Library, the “Graphis Advertisement Annual 2013” and “Creativity Froty One”.

The inspirational experience of seeing the Creativity Forty 1 book started from its cover. The playfullness of the stripes, which creates the type in a dinamyc way creates a powerfull visual impact, and the number 1 is made of dye cut, which creates  an interesting effect by intriguing the viewer to explore the book.

The back cover is also pretty interesting because it gives a good taste about what it will be seeing inside the book.

Forty 1 coverForty 1 back cover

These great report is the 2010 annual report of The Progressive Corporation created by the firm Nesnadny + Schwartz, which won several design and communication awards. Its narrative is fantastic. It was designed to communicate its members the business strategy of the company, and also to show the company’s commitment to art, creativity and its innovative way in problem-solving.

Prog Corp 2010 a rep

This MTV ad photo is beautifully arranged. The perfect alignment of the man with the background, the beautiful light and the smoothness of the picture are things that really pops out in this picture which also has as elegant retro style.


Here start the photos from the Graphis Advertisement Annual 2013. The next three pictures are from Daffy’s – an off-price retailer company -, created by the advertising agency DeVito/Verdi. These campaign has a playful narrative between the photo and the short text which passes the message in a fun and clear way.

Graphis Adv. Annual 2013_8

Graphis Adv. Annual 2013_9

In the next one the advertising agency LLOYD&CO created this vibrant campaign for the Y-3 Spring/Summer 2012. The combination of the colors and the lines between the two images is delightful.

Graphis Adv. Annual 2013_4

This energetic campaign was also created by the advertising agency LLOYD&CO for Oscar de la Renta.

Graphis Adv. Annual 2013_2

Here in this Bottega Veneta’s campaign, which was also created by the advertising agency LLOYD&CO, the photo and the collection’s color palette matches beautifully.

Graphis Adv. Annual 2013_3

In this ad from from Procter & Gamble, created by the advertising company Leo Burnett Warsaw, the photo clearly communicates with humor that washing your clothes with Dreft protects their shape. The colors are also something that really grabs viewers’ attention.

Graphis Adv. Annual 2013_6

Here the advertising agency Serviceplan created for Faber-Castell this ad with a really clever and sensational idea which translates the creative concept of the company.

Graphis Adv. Annual 2013_7

And I save the best for the last. In this poster created by the advertising agency Studio International for the Clavis – Music Teachers Association, the theme was how to play Chopin to celebrate the 200th year anniversary of the piano virtuoso. I fell in love with this image and I will finish my post here leaving you to appreciate and interpret this gorgeous photo collage.

Graphis Adv. Annual 2013_5


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