Cubism in Graphic Designs – Creating DepthP

I’m sure by now, we are all beginning to recognize how other forms of art, craft and design can all be incorporated in graphic forms of design, or at least inspire them. I’m realizing now that so much of the successful graphic design work we do happens when we step away from the computer. I have selected a few examples of advertisements that have been inspired by Cubism. I find it interesting how an artistic movement of the 1900’s can still appear fresh and modern today. Despite the fact that these images have been produced on the computer, rather than by collaging or with paint, they each find a way to successfully communicate depth – something that is very important when the images have a more harsh feeling from the jagged nature of the lines.

Milano Film Festival by: Riccardo Guasco

I particularly enjoy the texture that Guasco has created in this piece. He has successfully created a collage-like feel, but still managed to convey a beautiful sense of depth.

Goodburger Poster by: Sarah Bladdick

In comparison to the Milano Film Festival poster, this poster lacks that sense of depth and feels much more two dimensional and flat. However, what I enjoy about this poster is how the artist has used different values of color to suggest light and shadow (ie. two yellows for the cheese, three greens for the lettuce, etc)… I think this makes it much more visually interesting than flat color.

Travel Poster By: Radio Co. Ltd

This California poster is slightly different in that it uses “cubist like shapes” it does not appear at those each cube/piece is collaged or cutout as the previous examples did. The artist uses color gradients to create a sense of movement and depth.

City of Melbourne
Ray Ban Ad

Again in this Ray Ban ad, we see a similar use of color gradients within each cubist piece in order to convey a sense of depth. For example, in the girl’s chin, there are a few different orange pieces, and each piece has an orange gradient in it to give her face a sense of roundness despite all of the harsh cubist pieces that it is comprised of.

It is evident that graphic designers continue to be inspired by Cubist art. But by channelling this inspiration into new artistic mediums, artist all have the challenge of conveying a sense of depth despite the two-dimensional feel of the shapes used in Cubism.


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