The Art of Book Binding

Here are some beautifully filmed Vimeo videos on bookbinding. These videos show not only the process, but the art and intricacies in book binding.

SisterMAG – DIY Bookbinding Video

Visit the SisterMAG website for a step to step guide on this book binding method.

Hong Kong Craftsman : Siuyuett the Bookbinder

Scott Mullenberg, Bookbinder

Scott Mullenberg is a masterful bookbinder who specializes in building custom portfolios for photographers, designers and other visual creatives. This video documents the process of him building a custom portfolio book and slip case.

This is not so much about the technique of book binding but the concept of it; of having a photographer’s work in printed pages; of the romance of a book, the seduction of having a print portfolio, of having something you can hold and turn in your hand.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Book Binding”

  1. There is a PSAM Book Arts elective this coming spring 2015, taught by Lee Marchalonis called Artist’s Books: Enclosures which covers this topic. This class meets Wednesday from 3:50 until 6:30. Lee also teaches Letterpress (handset type).

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