Shereen LaPlantz

I found this PDF online with excerpts from Shereen LaPlantz’ book “Cover to Cover”.

It has hand drawn diagrams and step-by-step instructions on how to create some of the different folding and binding effects we’ve been seeing in class, such as:

a) How to fold and make cuts on your page to create multiple pages from one sheet of paper

Fold Books
Fold Books

b) Finishing book corners (When the cover paper is folded over the edge)

Simple Folder

c) Creating folders and files

Simple Folder
Simple Folder

It also has more complicated and detailed diagrams for reverse fold books, stub books, accordion fold books, one-signature books, and more.

From my research, it is clear that Shereen LaPlantz was a very talented book-maker. Her bookbinding techniques show us how an ordinary book can become much more cohesive and engaging by thinking  about little “surprises” we can add along the way. It can help strengthen our message, enhance our design, or simply add a touch of fun.

I know bookbinding is new for many of us, and if your like me, I never had enough patience for step-by-step instructions, but judging by some of the lovely books Shereen has made, I think I will certainly be taking the time to incorporate some of these techniques into my on album.


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