Art & Fashion – Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramovic is a Yugoslavian-born performance artist based out of NYC. Described as the “grandmother of performance art”, her performance works explore and question many elements of the human experience, such as patience, endurance, resistance, gesturing, and stillness.

Rest Energy With Ulay, 1980.

Abramovic Rest Energy


AAA AAA (1978)

Abramovic Aaaa


Another great video to watch is this one: 

, in which Abramovic describes her transformation from performance artist to fashionista.

In the 1970s and 80s, around the time of Abramovic’s emergence, it was contemporary thought to look down upon interplay between art and fashion. Abramovic says “In the 70s, when artists wore red lipstick, and nail polish, and any kind of relation to fashion, it was discussed like [you were being a] really bad artist, as if [fashion is] the way you have to prove yourself because you can’t do it with the work.” However, after her relationship with her artistic collaborator, Ulay Laysiepen was dissolved, Abramovic felt more artistic freedom to explore femininity, and in particular, fashion as it relates to art. After this time, Abramovic says she “didn’t need to prove to anybody anything anymore … [now] I can really embrace fashion”.

Since then, Abramovic has appeared on the covers of Elle Magazine, Vogue Ukraine, and V Magazine:

Abramovic Elle

Abramovic Vogue Ukraine

Abramovic V Magazine


An inspiring artist who used her talents and infused them into the world of fashion.




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