Dream Photo Collage

I pass by this beautiful graffiti everyday on my way to school and everyday my eyes are catch by the word Dream. This kid walking through the “Dream” is such a powerful image that every time I look at it I think about my life guidances, my dreams, which inspire me in following and believing in them.

Inspired by David Hockney’s photo collages, in which he plays with scale and format, I took several pictures of this image in different proportions to create an image that translates what I see and how I see it, and to transform the graffiti in a new a dynamic way. I decided to take this photos at night to get this monochromatic image with this orange light, which gives more emotion and a warm felling when one look at it.

In front of the graffiti on the floor there is this stencil, which I believe is the author’s name but I didn’t find nothing about it on the internet, so it’s artist remains mysterious for me.




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