Ways of Seeing – Photography Books for Kids…

and maybe you,too!

A spread from from "This Equals That"
A spread from from “This Equals That”
Spread "Mister Horizontal & Miss Vertical"
Spread “Mister Horizontal & Miss Vertical”

One of my favorite French films is “Le Ballon Rouge” a 1956 fantasy featurette directed by French filmmaker Albert Lamorisse. I did not come to know the film first but discovered it when I saw the picture book in the late 60’s. 

From The New York Times: “Published in 1967, “The Red Balloon” arrived when photography was just starting to be considered a fine art; it was still fighting for respectability, even as its heady dose of “reality” seemed in step with the times. The book won a New York Times Best Illustrated award, becoming a best seller and a fixture in book-loving homes like mine. It’s surprising that so few picture books featuring photography have followed it” Read more From New York Times

Now, there are two new books for children (and me) –  “This Equals That” and “Mister Horizontal & Miss Vertical” – CSZ


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