Justice !

I have some cool information about Justice ( a band). They are a French duo , Xavier and Gaspard, under Ed Banger Records. Their sound is a mix of electronic, disco, and metal. They have used samples from Earth, Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, The Brother’s Johnson, and Metallica in their music. The two of them are influenced by many artists.

Xavier DeRosnay and Gaspard Auge

I scanned images of their album cover, “Cross.”

Scan 152 copy Scan 155 copy Scan 157 copy Scan 158 copy

The top left “cross spaceship” was created by SoMe with assistance from Thibaut Berland (Breakbot). They are both artists under the same record label.

The top right image includes their cross logo, track list, and other album information. The typeface used was not mentioned but it looks very much like Futura.

The bottom left is the back of the album and track list, I am inspired by the gold borders on each side.

The bottom right photo is the tiny cross featured on the CD itself. This close up shows how imperfect the cross actually is. It has a very old style feel to it, almost like Garamond letterforms. I am now wondering if making the cross look like it was x-acto knifed was intentional.

This article includes the many fun and beautiful type designs used in their typography based video, DVNO.


Typefaces mentioned:

Kabel, Casey, ITC Serif Gothic, Viva, Helvetica, Bebit, ITC Pioneer No.2, Eurostyle Extended, Eagle, Dublon, Dynamo, FF Netto, Sonic, ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro, and a few more.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/744583″>Justice – DVNO</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/freedomrecord”>Freedom Record</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Alex Diaz used typography to illustrate the Justice logo, while including an extensive description of their sound.

Gaspard Augé once mentioned an explanation for their logo,  ‘that a music venue is like a church in that everyone is gathering together and focusing on one point.’ Xavier also mentioned he thought people gathering together to see The Pope enter was the coolest thing. Justice is making religion cool. Although smoking, drinking, and partying every night isn’t something for every Catholic to strive for, it works for Justice.

I have noticed a few themes in this album:

  • religion
  • church
  • electricity
  • light from above
  • glowing, bright, sparkling

There are two versions of their band logo, the one shown in the above images and this one:

This reminds me very much of church. Again, going with the theme of “making church cool.” It looks like it is derived from blackletter and oldstyle typefaces.

I could not find the typeface used for their logos anywhere.

Going with the themes mentioned above, I will try some modern blackletter typefaces to use for the track list and title page.

Here are tons of super cool free blackletter fonts.


2 thoughts on “Justice !”

  1. Hey Julie,

    I thought of their logos in digital layout yesterday when we were learning how to make lines ragged. Might be something to experiment with.

    I also like how their cross appears as a 3D object- it might be cool to have a cover like that.

  2. Hey julie,
    I thought of these logos yesterday in digital layout when we learned how to make lines ragged. Maybe something to experiment with?

    Also, I like how their cross appears to be a 3D object. Might be cool to have a cover that appears this way too

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