For the world’s more full of WEEP than you can understand

There are many great (and not so great) bands within New York City. Some bands will catch their big break, some will continue to tour the dive bars. One band that has caught my attention is WEEP.

Weep Ant

The band consists of Doc Hammer (Vocals & Guitar), Fred Macaraeg (Bass), Alex Dziena (Keyboard), Bill Kovalcik (Drums).


Merging Doc’s husky croon, post-punk guitars and catchy 80′s bass-lines/synths, WEEP creates a dark yet satisfyingly upbeat sound painted by their passion and unflinching take on contemporary music. Taking the audience on a sonic journey through thunderous drums, wailing vocals, grand ballads, raging guitars and everything in between, their albums are fused together perfectly: melodic, driving and catchy.  I could compare WEEP to the likes of Echo & The Bunnymen and The Cure, up through guitar bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins and Placebo, then on past White Lies and Interpol… ’til eventually WEEP is compared with only one sound: WEEP.

When I’m Wrong (Newer Wave Mix) from the EP 6 Interpretations

6 Interpretations

Alate Ardor from the album Alate


Fanmade video of The Walls from the self-titled album WEEP

Weep Self Titled

Live cover of The Passion of Lovers by Bauhaus

Weep Bauhaus

The inexplicable cover of Rihanna’s Shut Up and Drive


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