Whole Foods and Design?

IMG_2328 IMG_2329

I saw a Whole Foods bag sitting across from me on the subway recently. I didn’t pay much attention, but then, I noticed the Etsy logo on it. What? Community DIY meets Corporate Conglomerate? Yes!  I checked out both websites and they’ve been doing some cross-marketing for the holiday season. This partnership may just up the value for both brands – Etsy has matured into a household name, enough to attract a really BIG brand. And Whole Foods seems to be working on making their corporation more seem more homegrown and whimsical. The nicest part is they have a personal blurb about the designer printed on the side of the bag. Adding information about the designer seems to point in the direction of a world where the designer is just as important as the design. That makes me happy.

So does this mean that if Whole Foods likes what you’re offering on Etsy, you might just find yourself with a big-name sponsor? I think I need an Etsy shop!



etsy_whole_foods_marketbetterbag-nd tshirtsEtsy + Whole Foods


2 thoughts on “Whole Foods and Design?”

  1. Cool, I am happy that WF is including other people’s art.

    Did you see the little faces on the back of that “yum yum yum” bag?
    They are really cute. The artist did a good job with making them looking diverse too. If you ever stop by whole foods again, take a look at that bag.

    “Etsy and Whole Foods Market: Ingredients for Creativity”

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