The Laser Cutter Saga

I have fallen in love with the laser cutter. I also hate the laser cutter. This is a classic tale of the break-up/make-up saga is all to familiar.

Since most of you weren’t able to see my designs for my book last week, I thought I’d share some of my progress, struggles and inspirations with you.

First of all, to describe my concept, I have chosen to combine fine art and graphic art in hopes of creating a one of a kind book. I have painted eight 6″x12″ panels with using a texturized acrylic technique. The book organizes the panels lengthwise, so that each spread is creates an elongated 24″ inch piece of art.

Each painting has associated text that has been laser cut out of birch plywood panels. The text on each of these panels work in conjunction with their opposing spread. For example, one painting is a painting of a garden, with a text cutout over top reading “Blooming Spring”. The panel on the right, which makes up the other half of the spread, is a painting of a winter storm, with a text cutout over top reading “Endures the coldest winters”.

Essentially the book explores how nature’s most beautiful surprises, must first endure the elements.

Sneak peak:


The problem with the laser cutter is that its a bit moody… One second you think your designs are great, next second you realize your designs are too fragile or incomplete. So you go back to the drawing board (and back to the art store) and the laser cutting saga continues.

Designing eight of these laser cut panels has been challenging, tedious, exciting and rewarding. It has had its ups and downs, but suddenly I want to laser cut everything. I think I’m in love.

Check out some of these stunning laser cut designs:

Wine anyone?
Wedding Invitation

Wonder if this party will be any better than that horrid Montana wedding invitation we looked at in class?

Skateboard Decks – In keeping with my previous theme…
Christian Louboutin

Perhaps if my design career takes off, these could become a wardrobe staple?

Anyways, the point is, laser cutting is everywhere and can really enhance a design…

As for me, I’ve got one more wood panel to go!


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