Death and life/re-birth

Death and rebirth/life represented by a heart
Death and life represented as a heart

The concept for my bottle project is death and life/rebirth.  It is represented by one bottle that is dark and burnt out, while the other bottle is growing/bursting out of the debris.

My concept was originally fire and water, where I had originally sketched the melted bottle being submerged in water in the other bottle.  As I melted the bottle over a candle, I began exploring how the plastic reacted to being held over the flame longer in one spot than another.  The bottle did not completely melt and shriveled up as I planned, but I thought the result was more interesting than my planned sketch.

Death and life
Death and life/rebirth close-up

Seeing the “dead” bottle made me think of fireworks and what remains after all the color has bloomed and exploded in the air. To execute this concept, I took advantage of the Christmas decorations in the stores to make the second, non-burnt bottle appear like a firecracker containing springs that were about to burst out the bottle.  Suffice to say, the firecracker bottle looked too “crafty” and as a class we agreed that the Christmas decorations were not working.

For my next iteration, I took a step back and just focused on what was working — the burnt bottle.  It was simple and had no additional adornments.  It obviously looked like death, and I began googling symbols for rebirth.  I decided that I would also keep the second bottle simple and change it structurally by having it grow out of the burnt bottle.  I cut the second bottle into strips and then twisted the strips to have more of a curling upward effect.  I stuffed these strips into the various holes within the burnt bottle.  I lightly burnt the strips to give it more of a hand blown glass feel and to smooth out the rough edges from cutting it.  After I was done, it looked plain and needed color.  I used India ink to paint the strips red.

The makings of a heart
The makings of a heart

As I was painting the bottle, the color and the feel of the bottle made me think of a heart. After I started adding paint splatters to the inside of the bottle, it started to look like it was pulsating.  I poured some ink inside of the bottle via the top, and it immediately pooled out by using one of the bigger strips as a slide.  I immediately, unconsciously referred to that strip as an artery, and I thought “That settles it.” This thing is a heart.


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