How typography is changing my life

Typefaces are my new friends. If ever I am alone, there is probably a sign somewhere, or a store, or a flyer on the ground, with a typeface. They follow me everywhere. On my commute home, I see Gotham up on an advertisement saying,” Hey girl, remember me? ”

I remember the first time I saw Helvetica in public. It was everywhere! I know I’ve seen that “G” before, now it has a name!

I realized that I could never be alone, because there are billions of typefaces that will always be there to speak to me in such distinct ways.

There are so many kind and pleasant typefaces out there, waiting for you to notice them.

I see all text in color now. The first thing I notice is the typeface, the shapes of each letter, style or weight, kerning, leading, etc. With an understand of typefaces, the world is so much more beautiful to me.


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