Subversive Genius

I’ve been meaning to post about this article for awhile. This article discusses this magazine cover from a few months ago:

tim cook

This is Time Cook, the CEO of Apple. In the article, they talk about how the typeface they used was basically an insult to Tim Cook but when asked, Bloomberg said:

“”We were really happy with the spirit of the cover photo, and how it’s the antithesis of the formality and seriousness you might expect from a portrait of a powerful CEO,” Vargas told me in an email. “We found and experimented with the font Learning Curve— we thought the playfulness of it made a great match and enhanced the surprise.”

I also think it is terrible and the cover looks like a joke (there are other clever joke covers in the article). I showed this article to my type professor tonight, Dmitry Krasny, and he agreed that it was a low blow insult towards Cook and made Bloomberg Business Week look unprofessional. Here is the link! Enjoy!



One thought on “Subversive Genius”

  1. Laura – Thank you for posting this wonderful information and the UGLY (and not funny) cover design. I was not aware of the cover or the Bloomberg reply. That’s the joke.

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