Why Process and Skills is the greatest class in the universe.

Maybe the title is a little dramatic, but I really want to mention how this class helped me so much.

I remember being so intimidated by the first assignment. The idea of going into a bar alone to use a photo booth terrified me. I pushed through because I knew I needed those pictures to complete my photocopy assignment. I had no idea what I was doing, I did it wrong the first time, so I tried it over and over again. When I finally understood the instructions, I started to have fun with it. That’s what was missing on the first try. I learned not to let my fear get in the way of my creativity.

I knew Professor Gruda was concerned with me. I really thought I was hopeless. I just didn’t know what to do. She encouraged me to email her with my ideas and progress. She was completely honest with me about how finished everything looked. I found this extremely helpful . Why wouldn’t I want to be the best?

While reviewing my photo essay pictures, Professor Gruda told me to “put my heart into my work.” I had no idea what that meant! It stuck with me for awhile, I had a feeling it was important.

I would say that work and research for this class took up about 50% of my week. I admit, I thought the work was ridiculous at first, but I understand it now. This work is fun, and exhilarating. It was starting to become my life, and I have never felt so happy. We got to look at art everyday, go to museums, and then we got to talk about how much we enjoyed them! I get graded for this, how lucky am I.

In my experience, the most exciting part of these projects is seeing the end result. I loved seeing everyone’s work, as well as having my own work to be proud of.

I experienced being “in the zone,” while doing the photo book project. I have always wanted to create art based off of my favorite bands. I was so excited to see what it would look like. I had this vision of it in my head for so long, and this was finally my chance to make it real. I stayed up late  nights, used $50.00 in print credits just to see how the artwork would print. I realized what a long and complicated process creating a book was. There were issues with pixelated images, uncentered text, sizing, color, etc. The only way to fix it was to do more research. I had to go back and figure out what to do to make this book perfect. There was nothing stopping me, because I was so excited to see the end result.

In process and skills you will learn a lot about yourself, create art based on things you love, and share it with people who understand and care about you. Professor Gruda is extremely passionate about her classes, and goes out of her way to help students, to be the best.

To anyone who will be taking process and skills, yes, this class will become your life for 1 semester. However, it is an awesome life, and you should be grateful. If you’re struggling, just try to remember that this is fun. It is challenging, not always easy, but fun.

I now understand what Professor Gruda meant by “putting my heart into my work.” Staying up from 8 PM to 5 AM straight, doing work for this class, is putting my heart in. I don’t even want to sleep because I am so excited to show my work in class. I have been injected with some crazy magic. I have been given a gift, thank you Professor Gruda!



2 thoughts on “Why Process and Skills is the greatest class in the universe.”

  1. It was interesting to me that you sited this class to be so helpful….
    It also helped me. It was my first time teaching this wonderful course. What I would add to your very descriptive “process” overview is the teaching “process”. I am not trying to give myself a gold star but I would like to give Professor Gruda one for her guiding and helpful input this semester.

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